Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hand Injury: Where Did He Get It? [VIDEO]

7:07 PM EST 12/10/2013 by Virginia Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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The actor showed off his injured hand during a taped appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air on Friday, Dec. 13.

When asked about his wound, Gyllenhaal told the host, "A mirror broke in the middle of the scene; I hit a mirror and it broke. And it cut my hand."

The talk show host asked: "Did you punch it?"

"No, I looked at it really hard," replied Gyllenhall, with an ironic smirk. 'It broke and then my hand was hurt.'

DeGeneres asked again about his injury: "So you punched it?"

The actor did not really answer the question but she got to see The Prisoners star injury.

"Do you want to see it? It's gross," he said.

The injury occurred on Nov. 14 when the actor was filming a scene for Nightcrawler, where his character punches a mirror and the glass shattered in an unexpected way. The Brokeback Mountain star was then rushed to the hospital and received numerous stitches.

"I had lost oxygen in my lungs because I was screaming so hard. Then I was injured so I don't remember most of it," he added. "I was in the middle of a scene and then I cut it and had to go to the hospital."

"Did that work for the character? Did you stay in character until they yelled "cut"'? joked Ellen.

"They followed me all the way to the hospital, it's all in the movie," claimed Gyllenhaal. "I produced the movie too, and I thought for a moment that we might be able to get an insurance day out of it too. But yes, it is going to be in the movie."

Watch the interview below:

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