Chelsee Healey on her Breast Reduction Surgery: “They Only Made Me Miserable.”

11:23 AM EST 12/26/2013 by Virginia Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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Chelsee Healey underwent breast enlargement surgery when she was just 18 years old after allegedly receiving offenses from bullies. Now that she's confident about her body, she has underwent a breast reduction surgery to reduce her G-cup breasts to D-cups.

The 25-year-old said to the Sunday Mirror: "My breasts were weighing me down physically and mentally."

"I'm embarrassed that I ever had them so big in the first place but I was young and stupid and I just wanted big boobs."

"I thought they were going to make me beautiful but they only made me miserable."

The actress at first went in for a DD-cup however since her body was still developing, they ended up being three cup sizes larger.

It was earlier this year when she made the decision to have a breast reduction surgery. The procedure was carried out by Dr. Alex Karidis at St. Elizabeth in North London.

The doctor removed the original implants and replaced them with D-cups.

Healey said that after the procedure she cried tears of joy.

"It has been really tough but now I can see that my idea of perfection looked ridiculous. Now I've learned to be my own kind of beautiful and that feels amazing."

"I knew straight away that I'd made the right decision. Even with the swelling, when I looked down they looked so much smaller. It was a huge relief. I had tears in my eyes."

She also has an advice for people who are having issues with their body. She advised: "I would urge anyone thinking about doing what I did to just stop and wait. It's taken me seven years to get my body and my life back - don't make the same mistake as me."

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