Katy Perry Says Her Image Is 'Superficial'

7:55 AM EST 12/31/2013 by Lindsay, Celebeat Reporter

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Katy Perry has never appeared to be someone who would hide her feelings or have a problem with expression. However, the pop star recently revealed that she does come off a bit superficial when it comes to her image.

Perry claims that a lot of what can be found in the tabloids does not capture the true essence of who she really is.

"I am the captain of my career. But I am also Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, which is my real name," Perry said in a new interview with Joy Magazine. "My image is just something superficial. I also try not to pay attention to what other people think of me. I used to have Google alerts set up, which would notify me about everything that was being written about me. But I've stopped all that now. After all; there are more important things in life."

While Perry may not be the wild sex kitten that the media portrays, she does like to play different characters, so to speak.

"I just want to make people smile and show myself in a funny light," she explained. "Sometimes I enjoyed playing a blue-haired troll. Sometimes my mood was more romantic. I still go with whatever I'm feeling. Even the Candy Queen from the Teenage Dream days is still in me. However, I wouldn't advise anyone to dye their own hair! It was a huge mission going from pink back to black. I had to get professionals involved, or else my hair would have fallen out by now!"

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