Peter Madrigal Talks 'Vanderpump Rules,' Dating, And A Possible Season 3 (Exclusive)

6:30 PM EST 1/28/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Peter Madrigal is the manager of Lisa Vanderpump's SUR Lounge and a cast member on Vanderpump Rules -- but that's not all. In an exclusive interview with Celebeat, Madrigal is opening up about his aspirations, his dating life, and, of course, all things Vanderpump Rules.

When did you first meet Lisa Vanderpump?
I met Lisa in 2008

What is your relationship like with her?
Very close I feel. She can always tell if something is wrong with me if I'm having a bad day, or something is on my mind. When she sees me she always asks how life is. I like her because she is a genuine person that's hard to find in this world.

Have you/do you watch her on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'?
To tell the truth I don't.

How long have you worked at SUR?

Have you always been in the restaurant industry?
Sur was my first restaurant job.

Do you have any other career endeavors we should know about?
I'm really focused on becoming a director and screenwriter I'm also working on producing a couple of films.

When the concept of a SUR-based reality show first surfaced, what were your initial thoughts?
I can finally get some of my ideas out. Use it as a platform in other words.

Did you have any reservations?

Once you began filming did anything surprise you?
The first everybody was shy around cameras and then you find out how much people will do anything for the fame.

Was it bothersome to have the cameras around while at your job?
No I was used to it because if acting school.

What changes did you see with the clientele at SUR (if any)? Were there a lot of fans coming in because of the show?
We still get our regulars, but second season definitely more people come in for pictures with me with Kristen, Stassi etc. so clientele did rise because this is such a unique concept Arnold Schwarzenegger Sly and Bruce Willis tried something similar but they never showed up to the restaurant however with this restaurant you can meet and take pictures with your favorite characters from the show.

How did your personal life change once you were on a hit reality show?
Just recognizability. I never was a popular person high school sometimes in college in certain circles, maybe. Now recognizability goes a long way. I go to the Grove and people want pictures with me, it is a new, different experience on the whole level absolutely.

When the show was renewed, were you surprised?
No I was not surprised.

How was filming on season 2 different from season 1?
I found out what looks good what doesn't. How to handle myself. You also find out why people want to be friends with you whether they want to be friends with you because they want to be on the show too, or if they are truly genuine people just want to be friends with you because they think you're pretty cool. I'm very protective of myself now.

Which female and male cast members are you closest with?
I'm pretty close with Stassi. And Tom Sandoval and I have become better friends.

Recently, it was revealed that you have courted both Stassi and Katie, was either relationship serious?
Stassi was more serious. I was very immature back then so I made some really stupid decisions.

Are you currently seeing anyone? If so, would you consider sharing the relationship on the show?
I'm not and it would be up to her.

What do you think of Scheana and Shay's engagement news?
I excited for them. They seem really happy. And I love weddings drinks all around.

Will SUR be celebrating the engagement in any way?
Not sure I will have ask the bosses.

Do you have any news for us in regard to a possible season 3?
You know as much as I.

If the show returns, will you be continuing your reality TV journey?
I will be.

For more of Peter Madrigal, tune into Vanderpump Rules tonight and every Monday night on Bravo TV at 9 p.m.

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