Scheana Marie Talks Vanderpump Rules Season Two, Stassi's Move To New York, Brandi Glanville And More (Exclusive)

8:10 PM EST 2/13/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Vanderpump Rules' second season came to a dramatic end last week after weeks of exposed secrets, shocking hookups, and a proposal, and as the cast reunited for season's two reunion to hash out all that has happened throughout the year. Celebeat talked ito Scheana Marie about the end of the season, her current friends, and Brandi Glanville's latest accusations against her.

For that and tons of other juicy details about Scheana and the show, check out the interview below:

Are you glad to be done with season two?
Yes and no. I'm glad to be done because I don't have to be around certain people regularly anymore but I also feel like a lot is going on in our lives right now off camera and it's weird not to capture everything.

There was a lot of drama with the cast during the second season, but in your opinion, what moment stood out as most dramatic?
The Tom and Jax fight. Hands down.

What was your favorite memory from the season?
My engagement obvi!

How have you and Shay managed to stay out of all the relationship drama?
Our relationship really doesn't have any drama. We are however thrown in the middle of our friends relationship drama often and that puts us in an awkward position.

On the season finale, there was some confusion about why you were crying. Can you explain what happened that viewers may not have seen?
You saw the fight and the fight only. I was thrown into a table and pushed over when everyone was scrambling around. I almost hit my face on the table and if I did, my tooth would've been knocked out (again)! My shins were bleeding and I had bruises and knots on my legs and shins for weeks after the fight. I wasn't being overly dramatic. I was literally shoved into a table, might I add, at my engagement party!!! Any girl would've reacted the exact same way!

You and Jax appear to be very close these days. What has changed between you two since filming?
Nothing has changed. Jax and I have always been friends. We have definitely gotten closer in the last 6 months but we have been friends for a while. Yes, he's done things to piss me off, like in Cabo, but life is too short to hold grudges over petty things. Jax is a good friend to me and that's what matters. He may do and say stupid things but that doesn't completely make him a bad person.

Now that the season has ended, what are your plans for the next couple of months?
Wedding planning!

Are you still in the midst of planning your wedding? What is left to do?
A lot! You don't think about all of the small things like linens and lighting and silverware etc until you're right I'm the midst of planning. Although we have booked our venue there is still a lot to do in not a lot of time.

How has the dynamic at SUR changed since Stassi quit and moved to New York?
It's better!

Is the rest of the cast still employed as SUR?

You and Kristen also seem to have gotten closer as friends. What led to this turn of events?
Kristen and I have been friends for 5 years, you just never got to see that because all of her scenes were filmed with Stassi and Katie. We were friends for years before the show. First season we were friends and you got to see a little of that but going into 2nd season we all had a falling out for a few different reasons.  Since the season wrapped we sat down and talked thru everything and I forgave her and we are back to being friends, which puts me in an awkward position with Ariana being my best friend.

Brandi Glanville recently accused you of flirting with her date at Lisa's party for Ken and Mauricio. Thoughts?
I'd love to see this supposed unaired footage of me flirting with someone the "entire" night whom I barely came in contact with. Lisa hired two servers from a catering company to work the dinner. I spent that night drinking and hanging w stassi in the kitchen organizing the food before it went out. I was never once at the dinner table and I am not aware of when I had the time to "flirt" with her date.

Glanville has also criticized Lisa on Twitter recently, saying that she doesn't understand why she is okay with you working at SUR but wanted Kristen to leave. Do you have any statement about this?
You can't fire someone for something in their personal life or past. It's illegal. Brandi sounds ignorant.

If season three returns, what would you like to see change between the group?
I'm over Stassi being the queen B. I'm over people thinking I do as she says, when in fact it's quite the contrary. I am a leader and my own person. I don't do as anyone says other than my parents, fiancé, manager at work, or the fabulous Lisa. :) 

The Vanderpump Rules season two finale aired earlier this week on Bravo TV.

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