Demi Lovato Kathy Griffin Feud Following "Douche" Comment, Fans React With Death Threats

12:52 PM EDT 3/27/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin have engaged in a Twitter feud.

After Griffin told her followers that Lovato was the "biggest douche celebrity," Lovato fought back by posting a photo of the two of them on her Twitter account.

"Only a 'douche' to people I can't stand," Lovato wrote, along with a photo of herself and Griffin. In the photo, Lovato was standing in front of Griffin with her tongue sticking out as she pointed to backwards towards the comedian.

A short time later, Lovato deleted the photo, but not before her "Lovatics" got word of the feud and began tweeting hateful things to Griffin. Some even sent her death threats.

"I really hope you commit sue of side tonight," one fan wrote. Another simply said, "Die."

As soon as Lovato got word of the threats, she returned to Twitter where she posted a message to her followers, thanking them for having her back, but demanding they stop sending such hurtful messages to Griffin.

"I love you guys so much but y'all gotta chill with sending hate towards other people. Regardless of what they say or do..," she wrote. "It's called cyber-bullying and somethings should NEVER be wished upon EVER. No matter WHAT."

Lovato went on to say that she was very sad to see how mean people can be after all she's done in the world of anti-bullying.

In Oct. 2010, Lovato served as spokeswoman for the anti-bullying organization PACER, and has also worked with the "A Day Made Better" School Advocacy Campaign, and in Oct. 2012, was named as the new Ambassador of Mean Stinks, an anti-bullying campaign focused on eliminating bullying among girls.

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