Adam Lind And Taylor Halbur Breakup 2014: 'Teen Mom 2' Pair Visit Pool Following Their Latest Split

7:08 PM EDT 6/3/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Teen Mom 2 stars Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur reportedly split over the weekend, but on Monday they were both at the pool with their daughter, Paislee.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the breakup-prone couple had parted ways, yet again, after Halbur posted several suspicious messages on her Twitter page, which seemed to be about Lind. However, judging by the looks of things, they are already back on.

On June 2, Halbur posted a photo of her daughter with the caption, "Day at the pool." Around the same time, Lind told fans he was "kicking it with my boy Christian and my baby girl Paislee," and added a photo of his own in which Paislee was sporting the same suit as the one she was wearing in Halbur's photo.

On Sunday, Halbur caused a stir when she told fans on Twitter, "This was the last time I ever let you make a fool of me," and later posted a message which read, "Enough is enough. #ontothenext." She then appeared to be playing the jealousy card by sharing a photo of herself being held up by three mystery men, telling one of the men she was "missing every moment of that summer."

While the tweets seemed to be breakup-related, Halbur failed to confirm anything, and Lind stayed silent as well. But breakup or no breakup, the pair isn't completely out of touch.

Although neither Lind, nor Halbur, shared any photos of one another at the pool, their overlapping posts from the pool with Paislee make it crystal clear that they are once again spending time together as a family.

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