Fourth of July Fashion 2014: Festive Style Input On How To Be 'Seen' & Not 'Heard On Independence Day

4:02 PM EDT 7/2/2014 by Matthew Ambrosio, Celebeat Reporter

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Most people enjoy the holidays, but women especially can get ultra inspired during celebratory times. Painting their nails and lips with couture holiday colors, and draping in specific shades to commemorate the season can sometimes enter the "costume-like" realm. 

As the 4th of July approaches and we shop for attire, do we complement the fireworks or compete with them? Google "fourth of July style," and you may get Gucci or Grucci, the Italian fashion brand or the fireworks family from New York.

Whatever the results are, it's easy to see how someone can get confused when choosing what to wear when celebrating our country's historic independence. How do you avoid looking like an overheated patriotic showgirl? Before making any decision, consider the following: let the fireworks fly, not you.

Festive - Keep it clean

Creating clothing out of our stars and stripes is a matter of personal opinion and can be interpreted as bad taste. If you decide to don the red,white and blue, do it with respect. If you're unsure whether it works or not, simply think: would I go to a different country and wear their national insignia with the utmost of confidence?

Coy - The hidden theme

Stone washed denim screams iconic. It brings to mind vintage rebel cowboy and classic American rock. If you're not a fan of the music you can still shred them for a bit more attitude. The more beaten the better.

Comfort - Preparation breeds fashionable responsibility

Hat -The sun is bright, so keep it out of your eyes with a wide brimmed hat. White will work best because it reflects the heat, keeps your head cool, and the color works with any chosen outfit.

Sweater - It's so hot, why a sweater? No matter where you live, the air can become damp and cool at dusk. You've been absorbing the sun all day and when the light goes away it takes the embracing heat with it. This add-on will keep you warm throughout the night.

Jeans - If you are not a fan of toxic bug sprays, bring a pair of jeans to substitute. Cut off the supply of skin by covering it up in soft, light denim. It's an excuse to change it up - call it summer smart!    

To nail down any holiday look, being discreet with your intentions keeps you not only safe, but smart and creative. Keep the costumes to the professional entertainers, but that doesn't mean you should be dull.

In hindsight, Independence Day style is not only about balance, but having fun as well.   Stars, stripes and style!

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