Brandi Glanville Parenting: 'RHOBH' Responds To Criticism Over Photos Of Her Sons In Underwear

12:19 PM EDT 7/10/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Brandi Glanville is responding to her latest critics.

Days ago, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a photo of her sons in their underwear on Twitter and right away, fans reacted badly, slamming her for exposing them in such a way. Now, Glanville is fighting back against the allegations.

"They both were clothed from waist down whatever! I was naked my whole life- #f**koffhaters," Glanville tweeted, according to a July 9 report by E! News. "It was evening & guess what mine do…I guess your a better person ur your kids wear more clothes #not," she continued.

In the photo, which was posted to Twitter by Glanville on Sunday, Glanville told fans, "My little builders are trying to build Jakes desk!!" Along with her message was a photo of Jake and Mason, both in their underwear, attempting to construct a piece of furniture. While Glanville clearly saw nothing wrong with the boys' attire, or lack of attire, many of her fans and followers did.

One woman called Glanville a "nasty b***h" for sharing the photo. Another Twitter user called the photo "very appropriate." Others warned the reality star of online predators.

While fans' reactions weren't completely against the photo, many had strong feelings and let their opinions be known.

After the criticism died down, Glanville resurfaced on Twitter, where she joked about giving her fellow moms a dose of depression medication.

"You can't post a pic or tweet with out haters! I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents! #gethappy," she joked.

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