Adrienne Bailon Tattoo: 'Nailed It' Host To Remove Tattoo Honoring Former Boyfriend Rob Kardashian

12:00 PM EDT 7/16/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Adrienne Bailon can't wait to get her "Rob" tattoo removed.

While dating the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star turned sock designer from 2007-2009, Bailon got a "Rob" tattoo. Now, years later, Bailon is ready to say "good-bye" to the memory.

"I have not been in a relationship with Rob for six years, and I've been with my current boyfriend, [Roc Nation's Lenny S.], for five years. I think it's time to remove it," Bailon told Us Weekly on July 15. "I think it's always been time, but there wasn't a procedure that I was sure would not only remove it properly but also not leave me with a worse situation than I started with."

At the time Bailon got her ink, Kardashian did as well. However, his tattoo was located on his ribcage, while hers was on her backside. Following the breakup, Kardashian got the tattoo removed, but for Bailon, things haven't been so easy.

According to Us Weekly, Bailon has attempted twice to have the ink removed, but both attempts were unsuccessful. Now, Bailon has chosen a new technology called the PicoSure Laser, which she hopes will remove the ink once and for all.

"I'm so excited, you don't understand," she said of the possibility. "The other day I ran across some pictures of myself in a bathing suit that had Brazilian high-cut bottoms, pre-Rob tattoo, and I couldn't wait to wear those again because they looked so cute."

As for her relationship with Kardashian, Bailon says they are still "super cool" with each other.

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