Kate Hudson Midriff Red Carpet Look: Beyonce, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Richie & More Stars Showing Skin [Photos]

12:34 PM EDT 7/23/2014 by Leila Falls, Celebeat Reporter

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Kate Hudson showed some midriff and wowed the red carpet with her strapless black dress during a Wish I Was Here event in New York City on Monday.

Her Michael Kors gown was highlighted with sequin and a mid section cutout--it was sleek and sexy.

E! called Hudson's look "Smokin' Hot" and she channeled some of that sassy dancer Cassandra July, her recurring character on Glee, as she posed on the red carpet.

It's not just her time on Glee that sparks musical inspiration for Hudson, she revealed to Parade last week: "For me, it's a passion; when you love to sing, it doesn't matter what you sound like-it just makes you feel good! It's the universal language, isn't it?"

Plus, her fiancé is Muse's vocalist and guitarist, Matthew Bellamy, so music surrounds the actress on a daily basis.

But Hudson has an attraction to more indie roles lately, "Yeah, the bigger films haven't really spoken to me," She shared with Parade.

 This new film, Wish I Was Here, is Zach Braff's project that was supported by some of a Kickstarter fund, with a script that the New York Daily News describes as a "traditional indie dramedy."

Hudson may have joined the indie scene, but she looked glamorous in that gown. Check out other stars who make midriff look oh-so-stylish.


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