Amber Portwood Drug Use: 'Teen Mom' Still Struggles With Addiction, Cravings

12:45 PM EDT 8/20/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Amber Portwood continues to struggle with addiction.

Although the former Teen Mom star has been clean from drugs for over a year, she admitted in a new interview that she continues to struggle with cravings and addiction.

“I didn’t realize when I did get out that I would have even more temptation out here than I would in there,” Portwood explained to Radar Online of her transition from prison to reality. “And I had to prepare myself for that.”

After failing to maintain her sobriety in early 2012, Portwood turned herself into an Indiana prison, where she began serving a five-year sentence. While behind bars, Portwood got sober and began helping others educate themselves on addiction. She also joined the choir and began working on her book, "Never Too Late," which will be released later this month.

“I did 500 hours of rehab classes in prison,” Portwood revealed. “I was well aware of what was going to happen when I got out. It wasn’t a shock to me. It does bother me on an almost everyday basis but it is starting to get easier.”

While Portwood struggles with mental illness, in addition to her addiction, she doesn't yet feel stable enough in her sobriety to get help. Since so many mental illnesses are treated with medication, often narcotics, Portwood fears she could be triggered to use and opts to instead stay away from doctors -- at least for now.

"Never Too Late" hits bookshelves on Aug. 26.

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