Chuy: No Offer For Chelsea Handler's Netflix Show

11:45 AM EDT 8/21/2014 by Jamie Dinar, Celebeat Reporter

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Chuy is known as Chelsea Handler's small, slightly chubby and hilariously sarcastic right-hand man.

But could the show possibly go on without him?

It turns out that sidekick Chuy was not offered a job on Chelsea's upcoming Netflix show, TMZ reported on Aug. 20. But even if he does get the offer, he is not sure if he will sign on.

Chuy's manager told TMZ that Netflix and Chelsea have both been silent, and the clock is ticking fast. TMZ speculates that Chuy will not get the offer because, well, he probably would have gotten the call by now.

However, the show isn't set to debut for another two years in 2016, so there is always hope for the star. Chuy is keeping busy until then.

His manager told TMZ he will be on the air by the end of the year regardless, whether it is on his own show or with someone else. Chuy is reportedly taking part in a few negotiations for both circumstances, all which would be categorized in the comedy genre.

In addition, Chuy is keeping busy by doing an overseas comedy tour.

TMZ reached out to Netflix, but received no word back. Uh oh...

Could this be the end of an era? Could Chelsea Handler go on without her loyal sidekick? Would the show even be the same without him?

Either way, here's to hoping Chuy a happy and prosperous future, whether it is with Chelsea, on his own or with another comedian. 

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