Pamela Anderson: Why She Refuses to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

10:10 AM EDT 8/22/2014 by Jamie Dinar, Celebeat Reporter

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The ALS Ice Bucket has been the latest craze of the summer - once nominated, you have 24 hours to either dump a bucket of ice water over your head, or you can donate $100 to the ALS Association.

Lately celebrities have been joining in as well, leaving large sums of money to the charity. But one celebrity refuses to partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and you'll never guess who it is.

Pamela Anderson.

Anderson, the 47-year-old Baywatch veteran, refuses to participate in the charity because she has concerns over animal testing.

Those who have ALS - which is short for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - suffer from motor neuron disease (MND). According to Anderson's latest Facebook post, she refused to take part in the ice bucket challenge because the experiments that go into treating MND have involved animal testing, and at times, the testing can be cruel.

Anderson wrote a rather lengthy post dating back the history of cruel animal testing and MND, while posting a picture of herself in a white tee with a sign that reads, "Stop Animal Testing."

Some applauded her stance, but most were quick to label her a hypocrite.

The silicone implants that she is oh so famous for were also developed through animal testing. Doctors used animals to test whether the silicone was safe or not. The commenter's general consensus was that Anderson was "morally vapid."

Despite Anderson refusing to participate, the ALS Association has seen marginal growths in their donations. Since the craze took off in July, the association has racked in $31.5 million in just a month, compared to just $1.9 million in the same period last year.

The charity has even taken to Hollywood. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel and Marc Wahlberg have dumped buckets of ice water on their heads, while leaving modest donations as well.  

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