Robin Williams' Bike Sold in Auction: Friend Comment On His Widow Susan Schneider

12:02 PM EDT 8/25/2014 by Jamie Dinar, Celebeat Reporter

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Even after his passing, Robin Williams continues to make a positive mark on society.

The star donated a custom-made Pegoretti bicycle to Saturday night's Hotbed Benefit for 10,000 Degrees, a scholarship program for underprivileged college students.

Maxwell Drever, who co-hosted the benefit, told PEOPLE Magazine on Aug. 24 that he "can see [Robin] showing off the bicycle he donated to the auction, getting everyone laughing and raising a lot of money for a cause he cared about deeply."

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The bike was used by the late actor and comedian, and still had mud on the tires. Attached to the handlebars hung a red Night at the Museum cap, signed by Williams himself, PEOPLE reported. The bike reportedly bid up to $20,000 -- enough to send four students to college for a year.

Drever, whose family helps fund 10,000 Degrees, is also a close friend to the family, and spent time with widowed Susan Schneider before the event.

"She's surprisingly resilient, and she's looking forward to trying to make something good out of this for others so they don't have to suffer what she and Robin had to go through," he told PEOPLE. "Susan is upbeat and has a positive attitude, but it's very hard for her right now."

Drever's son, Galen, who was another co-host to the party, added that Schneider was "an amazing, positive woman."

"She and Robin loved each other very much - they were always together and just the cutest couple ever," Galen told PEOPLE. "It's hard to lose someone you love. There's not much anyone can say, more than she is coping the best she can."

Drever spoke to Williams about the charity event on Williams' 63rd birthday. The late star got into the wardrobe to play with the Moroccan-themed costumes for the event.

"The garage was set up with all the costumes, and Robin was in there, wearing all these silly outfits, just clowning around," Drever told PEOPLE.

Then, Drever continued into deeper territory, admitting that on the outside, Williams' seemed like the free-wheelin' guy the media portrayed, but on the inside, he had more complicated layers.

"We all knew what he was going through," Drever explained. "His Parkinson's, that was just one of the aspects that was affecting him. He had depression, and I have depression in my family, so I had a sense of what was going on. And then to get Parkinson's, and think that maybe you are losing your voice and that you can't ride a bike. It was so unfair to him that he would have these things because he was given so much joy and happiness to people."

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