Joan Rivers Hospitalized: 'Fashion Police' Stopped Breathing During Throat Surgery

12:37 PM EDT 8/28/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Joan Rivers reportedly stopped breathing during surgery on Thursday morning.

Earlier this morning, Aug. 28, Rivers underwent throat surgery at Yorkville Endoscopy, a New York City clinic. Unfortunately, the surgery went awry and Rivers was left in critical condition.

"Joan Rivers was rushed to a hospital in New York City moments ago after she stopped breathing during a surgery on her throat ," TMZ reported. "We're told Rivers was undergoing the throat procedure in a clinic (specifically on her vocal cords) ... when she stopped breathing during the surgery."

According to the report, the 81-year-old comedian was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where she is currently listed in critical condition. The New York Police Department confirmed Rivers' hospitalization, telling TMZ an emergency call was placed at 9:39 a.m. and the caller said, "We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest."

In addition to her breathing stopping, Rivers' heart is said to have stopped beating, as well. As for whether or not paramedics were able to get Rivers' heart beating again, that has not yet been confirmed.

Rivers' daughter, Melissa, is currently en route to New York City, stated TMZ.

Rivers is the current host and producer of her own online talk show on YouTube called In Bed with Joan. Just yesterday, the show was in the headlines after country singer LeAnn Rimes joked about rape while discussing the moment she lost her virginity.

Rivers resides in Malibu, Calif. with her daughter, Melissa, and grandson, 13-year-old Edgar Cooper Endicott.

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