Amber Portwood Suicide: 'Teen Mom' Attempted To Hang Herself

11:17 AM EDT 9/2/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Amber Portwood gave details about a past suicide attempt in her new book.

In the recently-released Never Too Late, Portwood, of MTV's Teen Mom, spoke of the moment she tried to end her own life. As expected, the young mother's memories are nothing short of shocking.

"No one was home when I did it. I just took a cord into the bathroom and hung it on the fan in the ceiling, and I looped it around my neck," Portwood recalled in the tell-all book, via a Sept. 2 report by Radar Online.

At the time she attempted to kill herself, Portwood was in the midst of a devastating addiction to prescription pills, which ultimately led her to turn herself into prison for a five-year sentence. Although Portwood had the option of attending drug rehab instead of serving time, she knew she could not kick her habit, unless she had no choice.

Amber Portwood Still Struggles With Addiction

Once she began serving out her sentence, Portwood focused on what really mattered -- getting clean and becoming a woman her daughter, Leah, 5, could be proud of.

"I don’t know how long I was out,” Portwood continued of the suicide attempt. “But the fan had only been held up in the ceiling with one screw in the middle, and the weight pulled the fan so it stripped the screw and fell to the floor. I didn’t try again — I just kind of chalked it up to a failure.”

Amber Portwood Hopes Tell-All Will Inspire Others

Currently, Portwood is doing much better, staying clean and focusing on her daughter and her education.

Portwood is also filming a fifth season of Teen Mom, which is expected to air on MTV in 2015.

Never Too Late is available now.

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