Lady Gaga Tattoo: Singer Gets Monster Paw Tattoo, Paying Homage To Her Fans [VIDEO]

11:40 AM EDT 10/4/2014 by Jamie Dinar, Celebeat Reporter

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Lady Gaga is sporting some new ink, and this time it is paying homage to her fans.

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The 28-year-old singer is completing the European leg of her ArtPOP tour, and decided to take a pit stop in Hamburg, Germany to add to her large collection of tattoos. Gaga posted a succession of Instagram photos, chronicling her tattooing process.

"Uh Oh... it's time monsters. Paws Up," read the caption of one photo. Along with the picture was an image of tattoo artist Eric Gonzales drawing up the tattoo, according to an Oct. 2 report by Daily Mail.

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Gonzales is a famed tattoo artist from Deer's Eye Studio, stationed in USA. Gaga must have flew him out specifically for this session.

"Paws Up" is an endearing phrase Gaga coined for her fans, which she refers to as "Monsters," reminding them to be proud of who they are and all that they do.

"Getting some very important ink from the great @Nspired1... it's time #monsterforlife," read another caption.

The "Poker Face" singer was seen laying in a basic grey dress, lying on a table to get the ink on her left shoulder.

It appeared to be a monster hand, or "paw," with long nails and a scaly wrist - a permanent reminder to keep her "Paws Up."

This tattoo is part of a large collection. Gaga already has a peace sign on her left wrist, a G-clef musical note on her back, roses on her left side, daises on her left shoulder, the words "Tokyo Love," "Little Monsters," "Dad," and "ArtPOP," as well as a unicorn, an anchor, a mouse holding a sewing needle and a trumpet.

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