Diem Brown Cancer: 'The Challenge' Star Hospitalized With 'Unending' Pain [VIDEO]

1:43 PM EDT 10/13/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Diem Brown was hospitalized in New York City on Friday.

Diem Brown, MTV Reality Star, Is Battling Cancer For The Third Time

Months after her third cancer diagnosis, the 32-year-old star of MTV's The Challenge was admitted to a hospital in hopes of getting help for a pain she compared to "a broken tailbone. It's unending."

"You can count me out all you want," Brown told PEOPLE Magazine of her cancer struggles. "But I'm not out. I'm fighting. I want to be here."

Diem Brown Feels "Gutted" After Emergency Hysterectomy

Browns' pain has been so intense that she has dropped to just 100 lbs. In addition to her being underweight, Brown is also not heavy enough to undergo her next round of chemotherapy treatments. For that, she must be at least 115 lbs.

Over the summer, as she struggled with pain and weight loss, Brown considered medical marijuana. Although she was hesitant to try the drug at first, she eventually gave marijuana a chance, and the results have been positive.

"I asked my doctor about it, and I'll be totally honest – I had never smoked before in my life," she told PEOPLE before her current hospitalization. "But I kept hearing everyone mention it. I'm taking all these synthetic drugs and they're not working, so I thought, 'I want to try it.' "

Once she received her marijuana card, Brown began using a vaporizer.

"It took away the pain and I finally felt like I was able to eat," she said. "That's what got me a pound higher. It's the only thing that helps."

To donate to Diem Brown's support page, visit MedGift, where her friend Alicia Quarles has set up a fund in her honor. The current goal for Brown's health care is $100,000. So far, nearly $70,000 has been donated.

Below, Brown speaks about her second cancer diagnosis in an interview with Dr. Drew for his HLN series.

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