Ariana Madix Interview: 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Goes Full-Time On Bravo Show [VIDEO]

2:12 PM EDT 10/29/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Ariana Madix recently spoke to Celebeat about the new season of Vanderpump Rules.

Days before the season three premiere, Madix, who returns to the show in a full-time role, revealed what fans can expect from the show, updated fans on her relationship with Tom Sandoval and joked about his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute.

Check out the full interview below:

How did you originally get cast on the show?
I have worked for Lisa for about 4 years, first at Villa Blanca and now at Sur. At Villa Blanca, the friendships are very close and that is where Scheana and I first became friends and Tom and I used to bartend together there. So when I was moved to Sur, it was much easier to be around the cameras than to avoid my closest friends.

Did you have any hesitations?
I still have hesitations! I am an introvert by nature and also a very private person. As an actress, it is also a risk. However, we also know that with great risk comes great reward. I have to remind myself of that every time I want to crawl under the covers.

What brought you to Los Angeles?
I've been acting professionally in some form for close to 10 years. When I lived in New York, I did a ton of sketch comedy videos with companies like CollegeHumor and some independent projects. I came to LA because I want to graduate to comedy on television and make billions of dollars.

We've seen you on a handful of shows. What has been your favorite project to date?
I have to say it is hard to decide. When I was on “Dads,” I got to slap one of my heroes, Giovanni Ribisi, in the face. It was magical. I also got to run across a porch making "hand-job" motions in a parody of The Notebook for CollegeHumor. So you be the judge.

Which cast members had you known prior to joining and for how long?
I had obviously known Scheana and Tom for years and Scheana and I have been the best of friends for almost as long as I have lived in LA. I knew the rest of the cast as acquaintances from group gatherings and work events. It was a quieter time in my life and I miss those days.

How are you and Tom? Did you enjoy your break in between filming seasons two and three?
We have enjoyed the break immensely. We have been doing a lot of traveling and plan to do more. We spent time in St. Louis with Tom's family, traveled all over Australia, and plan to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. Our friends make fun of us because our relationship never had a honeymoon phase. The whole thing is one giant love fest.

Will we see more of your relationship on season three?
Unfortunately, you will probably see moments in our relationship that revolve around work and drama started by other people. I doubt the funny stuff we do and talk about is interesting enough to be chosen over someone crying or throwing some kind of fit. In the trailer, I did see lots of kissing so that's cool! It's “the season of the make out.”

How do you guys cope with working with Kristen?
Who's Kristen?

Did you and the cast take any fun trips during season three?
We went to Miami for Scheana and Mike Shay's bachelor and bachelorette party! We were only a few hours away from my hometown, so my brother came and spent the weekend with us. It was so nice to be in that Florida humidity again. I only wish we had more time at the beach.

What are you looking forward to fans seeing on the upcoming season?
I'm looking forward to fans seeing my beautiful dog Charlotte and hopefully getting a better idea of who I am. I spend a lot of time in pajamas, so you will definitely see some of that!

Are there any projects you are working on, aside from Vanderpump Rules, you'd like to tell us about?
Someone great once said to write the parts you want to play because no one else will. That's exactly what I'm attempting to do.

Vanderpump Rules season three premieres on Nov. 3 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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