Dean McDermott Emily Goodhand: Actor Reportedly Quits 'True Tori' After Affair, Suicide Plot [VIDEO]

12:53 PM EST 11/6/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Dean McDermott has reportedly called it quits with Lifetime.

Dean McDermott Is Skipping AA Meetings, Claims Source

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, McDermott opened up about his “out of control” alcohol and drug use, which nearly led him to take his own life.

“I don’t ever want to be in that dark place again where I wanted to take my life,” he said during the interview, according to a Nov. 5 report by Radar Online.

Dean McDermott Is Sick And Tired Of Defending Himself

In Dec. 2013, McDermott engaged in an affair with a woman named Emily Goodhand while in Canada. A few weeks later, Goodhand went public with her story, claiming to have slept with McDermott, who is a father of four, at a Toronto hotel. Goodhand also revealed McDermott told her he and Spelling had a sexless marriage.

Following his affair, McDermott began to plan his suicide.

“I was driving around in my truck with a loaded 9 mm. I was put on a 5150 at the UCLA psych ward,” he recalled. “[My son] Liam had a performance and I didn’t want to miss that performance… I had plans that night to do it.”

Also in the interview, McDermott revealed plans to walk away from his gig on True Tori, a series created after the affair, which was meant to document his and Spelling's efforts to get their marriage back on track.

“We have five more shows left. I can’t do this anymore,” he confessed. “I can’t keep opening a vein, opening my soul and sharing my feelings and thoughts and demons with the world. I don’t watch it. I can’t. It’s really difficult. I can’t do it anymore, for my soul.”

True Tori is currently airing on Lifetime every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

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