Kendall Jenner sends her love towards haters

2:40 PM EST 11/30/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Apparently, Mean Girls has been revived by a one-minute video of Kendall Jenner addressing her haters through a burn book.

In a one-minute short film interview by Dazed Magazine, Jenner, 19, reads out all of the hate comments about her, like she's one of them, without even daunting. And apparently, she enjoys it as well as her fans.

Most comments were full of insults about her modelling career, her looks and even one of the famous insults in the Mean Girls movie where she was accused of making out with a hotdog!

Inside a pink girly bedroom with minimal make-up on, she reads some of the comments like she's one of them. What were the insults?

 "Kendall Jenner is a spoiled brat."

 "Kendall Jenner is gorgeous. Too bad she's one of the richest, prettiest, talentless people ever."

 "Kendall Jenner is a self-absorbed white bitch with millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing. So don't f---ing tell me to like her."

 "She can't do it without her family."

 "It's crazy to think North West can already read better than Kendall Jenner."

And let's not forget blurbs like, she's such a b-ch and Fugly, because she definitely didn't let it deter her. Near the end of the video she then sort-of unfollowed herself on Instagram as most haters do to her.

Also, in the interview, she managed to define her love for modeling saying that modeling isn't something that is purely for fun, it's not something that she is doing to prove people wrong. It's something that she is doing because she has passion towards it enjoys it at the same time.

Now that is how people should deal with haters - write it in a burn book.

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