House of DVF Brand Ambassador contestants are not behaving to impress Diane Von Furstenberg

4:30 PM EST 11/30/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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In a sneak peek video of what's to come on the brand new House of DVF that will air this coming Sunday, the so-called "bitch" of the group is back. Kier is what the girls are referring to and four of them teams up to work on a photo shoot.

Each of the girls gets to direct a photo shoot and Kier is helming the first one. She takes charge like a boss and is throwing sardonic comments here and there as seen in the video.

Before the shooting began, Kier's rack of clothes to be used for the shoots fell to the dirty, city pavement, which shows her throwing tantrums around.

E! Online reports that one of the candidates, Lenore has this to say, "The way Kier is directing us, is like bullying us. She's out of her mind."

The girls are describing that Kier as the "bitch" and the "bully" at the same time. Ouch!

In the teaser video too, the girls, specifically Lenore and Amanda, are seen arguing in front of an important customer.

The challenge is for the girls to sell in the DVF store, and whoever sells the most, wins the challenge.

Lenore and Amanda were the ones who understand each other and were both into the selling action than most of the girls, until someone came in.

Along the challenge, the wife and daughter of an important DVF executive, Eran, came into the store. Lenore was the first to greet them and is in the hype to help them out, the fact that she has prior knowledge on who these VIP customers are.

Lenore and Amanda's relationship were tested when Amanda tried to steal the customers from Lenore, and things heat up between them.

Watch out for the House of DVF airing this Sunday at 10/9c on E! See the girls continue to vie for the Diane Von Furstenberg's first-ever Brand Ambassador!

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