Nick Jonas 'The Voice' Performance of 'Jealous' Along with The Top 8 Live, Watch Inspired Performance Here (VIDEO)

6:48 PM EST 12/2/2014 by Tam Woods, Celebeat Reporter

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Nick Jonas was in Los Angeles on Monday night (Dec 1) for "The Voice" Top 8 Live show. Jonas performed his hit single "Jealous" along with the Top 8. The unique performance was done all a cappella, with Nick, the Top 8 and a backing choir. Everyone on stage seemed to have a great energy feeding off of each other. You can check out the performance clip above. 

"Jealous" is the latest single off of the debut solo album from Nick that released in November from Island Records. He opens up about the experiences that took place to form this new record and his single "Jealous."

"It's about when someone is checkin' out your girl and you're out, and it's that whole experience I think a lot of men relate to but don't actually talk about," Nick told E! News. "There have been a few instances where I'll see somebody do something when I'm with my girl, and I'm like, 'What? That is not the time or the place. "I've been training for this show, so now I really know how to take care of things and I know how to puff my chest a bit more than I was before."

The 21-year-old singer shared with MTV news about the sound of his new album, "I've been really influenced by a lot of modern stuff, as well as like my classic roots, so Prince being a big one, a lot of falsetto work, Hall & Oates, is a big part of this, and then The Weekend and singing Drake, which I feel like is a different artist to Drake rapping, but I love them both. But singing Drake and this guy Erik Hassle, a new artist that I really love, and, you know, Sam Smith and that kind of vibe, so like if you kind of mash that all together: it's that."

"That's what I grew up on and that's what feels natural when I open my mouth to sing and so having a pop alternative music bed with the soul vocal, I feel like really works," he explained. "I think this is definitely more of a mature sound as it relates to Jonas Brothers music and Nick Jonas & the Administration."

What did you think of Nick's performance of "Jealous" on "The Voice"?

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