CIA Livestreams Corrections on Twitter over Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs

9:40 PM EST 12/5/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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It looks like the CIA will be on stand-still every Monday night as they try to correct details on Katherine Heigl's spy drama, State of Affairs. According to a report by TMZ, they posted corrections about the show's rendition on how they work through their Twitter account simultaneously with the NBC show.

A CIA spokesperson shared that they are doing this to help "counter popular myths and misconceptions" about how the agency runs.

State of Affairs is starred by former Grey's Anatomy cast member, Katherine Heigl, where she portrays an agency analyst named Charleston Tucker who is in charge of presenting the President's Daily Brief (PDB).

In fact, one of the tweets included that President Obama and his staff prefers to receive the PDB electronically through his tablet instead of how the show presented is as a folder of paper in the hands of
President Constant Payton, portrayed by Alfre Wooodard. Another instance is that the CIA pointed out that face-to-face conversations with other agents are risky hence they use a "dead drop" in contrast to Charleston meeting with other operatives in person.

However, State of Affairs stands by itself. According to Heigl in a preview, she says that the show is digging deep into the concept because they are working with people who have worked with the CIA as their consultants. As a matter of fact, two of its producers were part of the intelligence, Rodney Faraon, a former member of the presidential briefing team under the Clinton and the second Bush Administration and Henry Crumpton, as a former CIA head of counterterrorism.

This isn't the first time the government agency went on a live tweet stream as they had done it before to the award-winning film, Argo.

At least the government is watching.

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