Jessica Simpson New Hair Shade is as Stunning and Gorgeous as she is

3:22 PM EST 12/6/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Jessica Simpson's new hair color has been revealed by her color stylist and everyone fell in love with it.

Rita Hazan, who has been a stylist of Simpson's for a long time, revealed that the gorgeous shade was champagne blond.

Hazan, earlier posted a snap of herself with Simpson doing some color processing to Simpson's locks on December 1 via Instagram.

Hazan, explained the need for a particular shade to go along with Simpson's bob changes, "Now that she cut her hair, she needed a cool and edgy color," according to US weekly. The dye process took two hours to complete, and the waiting game is not an issue, as the finished product was stunningly gorgeous!

"I made it a cool champagne blonde-very light, almost white, but with depth and dimension. She's a towhead!" said Hazan, who is also the colorist for other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Trainor.

As evidenced by Simpson's new hue, a lot of girls will follow this shade. Hazan emphasized that it's all about the upkeep. Once you go bright, make sure to take a trip to the salon for touch-ups-or, as Simpson says, a "Monday bleach out"-every six to eight weeks.

When at home, it is imperative to always condition your hair to achieve and retain the bright hue, according to Hazan, citing the Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy and Breaking Brass Gloss as two products Simpson loves to use on her own locks.

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