Miley Cyrus Finds Muse In New Beau?

12:30 PM EST 12/14/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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We've all heard about the tragic relationship between Miley Cyrus and former squeeze, Liam Hemsworth but it would seem that the Wrecking Ball hit maker's finally moved on and found a new muse - through Patrick Schwarzenegger. Ever since the two had been a couple, the former Disney star turned pop sensation had been dishing great new songs and is seen with a lot of positive creative energy.

The 22-year-old singer snapped a selfie of her in the studio, deep in thought, through Instagram last December 11 where she is said to be writing and singing new songs about her new man. Accompanying the photo was the caption, "writinsumsongzboutchuundadaclouds" where it is assumed that she may be talking about Patrick and if one reads the caption carefully, it is actually saying as "writing some song about you under the clouds".

However, even with all the cute lovey-dovey things going around between the two, it's not a very smooth flowing relationship as Patrick's mother does not seem to approve the relationship and it upsets Miley's parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. According to a report by Hollywood Life, the parents of the rockstar just could not stand how Miley is being cold treated by her boyfriend's mother, Maria Shriver. The Cyrus source shares that Miley's parents thinks that Shriver is making a big mistake and that they "can't stand seeing Miley hurt so it's hard to watch her get shut out by Patrick's family. They think it's pretty small minded of Maria to be so judgmental. They feel like she should know better". However the two are still hopeful that their little Bangerz baby may win over Patrick's overprotective mother saying that his family "will come around" suggesting that the family should take their time and give their daughter a chance. "They'll love her the way everyone that really knows her does".

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