American Horror Story Season 4 episode 11 spoilers and preview: Neil Patrick Harris guest stars as Chester, a stage magician with a spooky Jamie Brewer-looking ventriloquist dummy

5:10 PM EST 12/22/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Written by Jennifer Salt and directed by Michael Goi, it will follow Elsa (Jessica Lange) as she prepares for her move to Hollywood. It will also have the Tattler Twins (Sarah Paulson) falling for a traveling salesman. And Dell (Michael Chiklis) will be seen as he plots to help Jimmy (Evan Peters) in his escape from police custody. This year's Tony Award winner for Best Actor in a Musical Neil Patrick Harris will guest star in the upcoming 11th as well as the12th episodes of the Freakshow.

Harris will play 'Chester,' the man set to take over the freak show once Elsa heads to Hollywood. Described as something of a "chameleon salesman," Chester turns out to be a magician with an act of his own. In the teaser trailer, Harris' character is seen as a smartly dressed magician with a ventriloquist dummy which he says "relaxes him" being given a toast by Elsa as the new owner of the show. Another scene shows him romancing Bette and Dot and they're beautiful and that he wants to use them as a distraction in his magic act wherein he saws a woman in half. Jamie Brewer, from seasons one and three also guest stars as the ventriloquist dummy who comes to life as a blood-soaked Chester is shown wielding saw. Dandy (Finn Wittrock) is also seen in the teaser sporting his trademark smirk as he says, 'What a sicko,' apparently referring to his new rival for the attention of the Tattler twins.

Harris who is also a real-life stage magician, being the President of the Board of Directors of Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, asked for a part in the American Horror Story. According to Daily Mail, the versatile actor and singer told EW radio: "I wrote a letter to Ryan [Murphy] asking if I can be in it, even though I wasn't even available to be in it...I just love those series and Coven was do one that involves any kind of freak, circus nonsense is going to be so unsettling to watch. Can't wait!" He said Ryan responded to him in July, tweeting: "of course you can be on Freak Show! I have a role I think you'd love."

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