Gwen Stefani’s Candy Cane Hairstyle: Yay or Nay?

9:40 AM EST 12/23/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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'Tis the season to be jolly and it would seem that our favorite celebrities are getting into the holiday spirit with some of them going as far as dying their hair in festive colors. One these would be Gwen Stefani as she was spotted sporting red streaks on her platinum blonde hair. But wait these are not any ordinary streaks as she patterned them to make her gorgeous hair look like a candy cane.

She did this in time of the 25th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert held at Inglewood, California last December 14 which perfectly matched her bold red lipstick. Her streaks consisted of five rows of bright red.

The 45-year-old rock star and L.A.M.B fashion designer has been known to many for sporting several bold hair colors such as baby pink, bright green and aqua blue and for this one, many are left wondering if this was going to be the next hair fashion trend. Apparently, one star caught on with the festive trend. 21-year-old ad Cinderella star, Keke Palmer, was spotted recently with similar red streaks sported on her dark pixie cut last December 16 at New York City.

However, the fad did not last long on Stefani as when she appeared last December 16, Friday, at The Voice, her hair was back to its old classy waves with no red streak in clear sight. Now that's what we call a short-lived trend.

When it came to dyeing her hair, Stefani shared a bit of insight on why she started coloring her hair platinum on Teen Vogue's September issue earlier this year. A natural brunette when she was younger, she shared that her mother let her toy around with her hair when she was in ninth grade and said that it was a "big moment" when she began to do her entire head. "I remember my boyfriend and I had just broken up, and I was like I don't care how much it costs, I'm getting my hair bleached!'

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