Taken 3 movie spoiler, plot - The Final Chapter in Liam Neeson’s ‘Brian Mills’ Saga

11:20 PM EST 12/26/2014 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Taken 3, officially sub-titled It Ends Here, will show in theaters on January 9, 2015. It is the third and final installment in the 'Taken' film series written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. As with the original and the sequel, Taken 3 stars Liam Neeson in the lead as ex-CIA operative Brian Mills.

Directed by Olivier Megaton, the movie will follow a plot which will have Neeson's character framed for a murder he did not commit. Mills and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) are enjoying a moment of reconciliation when Lenore is suddenly brutally murdered. Bryan who gets framed for the crime, flees from the CIA, FBI and police which are all in hot pursuit. While in the process of evading his pursuers, Bryan rendezvous' with his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) in the women's restroom during her class at UCLA. The police on discovering his whereabouts, tries to apprehend him. He sets off a flash grenade in a classroom, activating the school's fire sprinkler system and allowing him a chance to escape. Taken 3 will see the very last time that Mills will be seen using his 'particular set of skills' to track down the real killers of his ex-wife, protect his daughter and ensure that his own unique brand of justice is handed out.

Aside from Neeson, Janssen and Grace, others in the cast include Forest Whitaker, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell, Jon Gries, Leland Orser, Jonny Weston, Dylan Bruno, Andrew Borba, Judy Beecher, Al Sapienza, Don Harvey, Alex Wraith, Philip Silvera, John Manison, Derrick Worsley, Dale Liner, and Alex Disdier.

In the first Taken film, Kim was shown taken by the Albanian mob to be sold as sex slave and had to be rescued by her father Bryan. In Taken 2, Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore were seen taken by the mob as revenge and had to be rescued by their daughter Kim. In Taken 3, Lenore's life and Bryan's reputation will be seen taken. But it ends here.

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