Miles Teller was ‘close to tears’ while filming a scene in “Whiplash”

11:00 PM EST 1/9/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Miles Teller isn't exactly the tough cookie everyone thought him to be. In fact, his co-actor says he was 'close to tears' during an intense scene from his movie Whiplash.

Whiplash received rave reviews for its intense scene picturing the hard journey of a young drumming student, played by Miles Tellers, and his relationship with a stern, yet something violent, teacher, played by J.K Simmons.

In the movie, Teller had to repeatedly be slapped by Simmons' character in an effort to make Teller learn the rhythm of a musical piece.

According to the HuffPost Live interview with J.K Simmons, the 59-year-old actor says that Teller was "far less brave". Huffington Post quotes that Teller was, a total pussy, and he was near tears the entire time" contradicting the 27-year-old Divergent star's claims that he was "almost cracking up with laughter the entire time".

Teller, though having a background in playing the drums for ten years, had to train extensively for his role even sharing that the film was the hardest thing that he had ever done so far.

"I felt like I was never gonna get it because I didn't have that kind of dexterity with my left hand," he said in an interview with Hollywood Reporter. In addition to that was how he looked. During filming, he was still fresh from his acting role in Divergent where Whiplash's director, Damien Chazelle, told him to stop working out and stay indoor to make him pale and in character. "This is the first movie where I shut myself off from the world," he shared.

Despite that, the two will be reuniting for another movie. This time, it's a musical named La La Land and Teller may be co-starring with Emma Watson. Page Six quotes, "I'm doing sort of pre-pre-pre-prep on my next movie, which will be shooting later this year. It's with Miles again, it's a musical. We're shooting it in LA. Miles can sing, he can dance, he's doing the full Gene Kelly in this movie. And he's gonna play piano, so it's gonna be fun," Chazelle explains.

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