Kelly Osbourne explains the mishaps of fashion during red carpet events

1:00 PM EST 1/10/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Kelly Osbourne says the world of fashion is hardly a piece of cake. The Fashion Police host candidly sat down with Caley Rinker to discuss the fashion industry for

Rinker is Osbourne's stylist and Osbourne owes Rinker a debt of gratitude for eliminating VPLs permanently over the last year they've worked together. "You got me to wear things I'd never worn before; you were the one who started making me wear a thong," Osbourne said in the interview. Countered Rinker, "I said it was like a seatbelt: The more you wore it, the more comfortable it would get," Rinker explained.

It would seem that pesky underwears aren't the only mishap the two have overcome. There is the story of a deodorant gone wrong. "By the end of last year's award season I had burning armpits because I used a medicated deodorant that stops you from sweating," Osbourne reflected. "The instructions said to 'apply lightly,' but I would just throw it all over my arms and the next day I'd have second degree burns," according to Us Weekly.

And then there was the zipper issue just minutes away from going live on the red carpet. On last year's Golden Globes, Osbourne said that her zipper completely broke before she was supposed to be on camera.

Osbourne explained that a lot of these gowns were created so quickly that by the time a zipper is added, there's not effort being put into it and it was her first time to wear an Escada.

The fashion critic added, "I caught myself being one of those designer snobs; I never look at tags, but when you first told me the brand, I said, 'What are you nuts?' And then it ended up being one of my favorite dresses that I've worn in my life."

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