Oscar Nominated Movie 'The Imitation Game': Review, News and Spoilers

9:51 PM EST 1/19/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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Honored with 11 Academy Awards nominations, The Imitation Game has received rave reviews from both, the audience and the critics. Starring Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Pride and Prejudice actress Kiera Knightly, the movie is par excellence and has done full justice to its whooping number of Oscar nominations.

Revolving around the Second World War, the movie has paid homage to Alan Turing, one of the many unsung heroes of the war, whose intervention played a crucial role to end the war two years earlier than it would have actually ended. Turning was a mathematician who studied the German telecommunications code Enigma and led the Britishers to crack it. He did the absolute impossible thing as cracking such highly advanced codes at that time was humanly not possible by any genius. Turning and his team of geniuses worked very hard to crack the German code and worked on it for many months, intelligently and very patiently.

A lesser known fact about the movie is that Benedict Cumberbatch is actually the 17th cousin of Alan Turning in real life and it seems as if he was born to play this role, and he has actually done it flawlessly. Benedict Cumberbatch said that he was really attached to the character of Turning and also cried while filming several scenes.

Kiera Knightley has played the female lead Joan Clarke and has given the audience the much needed feminine touch in the movie. She brings in the park and some grace in this war oriented drama movie.

The story line is pretty gripping and will hold the audiences in their seats from the beginning till the end, without letting them feel bored at any time. It is for great stories like this that war movies still hold such high impact with the audience.

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