Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Continue to Raise Money For Charity Through ‘Twitter Bowl’

1:22 PM EST 2/4/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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The two of the most popular leading men of Marvel Studios are facing off in an intense Super Bowl bet for charity, and the stakes are obviously getting higher.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, respectively known as Guardians of the Galaxy's Star Lord and The Avengers' Captain America have been betting and taunting each other on Twitter since January 19. Pratt is putting his faith in the Seattle Seahawks while Evans is rooting for the New England's Patriots.

It started as a joke they played with each other as it is a common practice for both of them until they upped their game.

Evans started the bets-according to CNN-by tweeting a message to Pratt saying "For the next 2 weeks, you are not my friend, you are my enemy." And so the game was on and the wagers were laid. If the Seahawks won, Evans would visit the Seattle Children's Hospital in his costume as Captain America. Pratt would do the same if the Patriots won by visiting the Christopher's Haven wearing a Tom Brady Jersey.

These friendly wagers Pratt and Evans give them the opportunity to help sick kids as well.

They also dubbed their feud as "Twitter Bowl," and both of them took seats near each other for the big, and most awaited game. Now the Twitter Bowl is trending on the social media.

Just before the kickoff, Pratt showed up in a pre-game interview with NFL Network and made certain to call out Evans, boosting with confidence.

He said, "When the Seahawks win, he's going to have to fly across country dressed as Captain America."

Trash talking aside, you have to give it to Pratt and Evans for transforming their Super Bowl Rivalry into an opportunity to help, raise money, and give back to the community.

And since the New England Patriots won, Pratt is up in visiting Christopher Haven's.

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