'House Of Cards' Season 3 Latest News and Spoilers: What is Frank Underwood upto This Time!

7:08 AM EST 2/19/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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Those who are still on at the initial two seasons of House of Cards will know at this point that Spacey's Frank Underwood has conspired some way or another from Congress to the Oval Office, thumping down a shockingly inadequate collection of hindrances to his climb. The latest season opens promisingly enough, with the new president grudgingly taking part in a formal minute that, he scoffs, "makes me appear to be more human." From there, the show starts moving along different tracks, with various emergencies emerging, and various subplots that shouldn't be ruined - one including the first woman (Wright), who yearns to be more than simply a trophy wife.

In the meantime, Underwood's arrangements to evade Congress are a bit excessively straightforward and her plot is decently played; politically hard to swallow, it is a tribute to the Clintons; it is pretty obvious. But the audience loves Claire. Right?

House of Cards is still a profitable show for Netflix. The political setting, for instance, guarantees a standard series of cameos by media figures, from MSNBC and CNN grapples to Stephen Colbert, making what adds up to a multiplier impact as far as scope and believability are concerned.

There are some imperfections too, however in this season. It may or may not be able to do full justice on the audience's expectations.

Then again, simply watching the trailer gives us the goose bumps. Let us wait and watch what is actually in store for us! Will Frank remain in power? Or will Claire beat him?

The House of Cards season 3 hits the screen on Feb. 27, on Netflix.

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