'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11 Spoilers and Latest News: Will Dr Herman's Life be Saved?

7:16 AM EST 2/25/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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Dr. Amelia Sheperd will be taking a huge risk in the next episode of Grey's Anatomy, Staring at the End where Dr. Herman's life relies upon its prosperity. The cheerful neurosurgeon is very hopeful that she can save her life who has been combating cerebrum tumor.

Amelia realizes that it includes significant intricacies of surgery yet is dead set to get it going with it. With respect to Herman, she makes it a point to invest all her time on cases with Arizona before she performs the extraordinary operation. Carter Matt says that the scene will alter the course where the long- running medical drama is going essentially on the grounds that Amelia's errand here is not in the slightest degree simple.

Geena Davis who plays Dr. Herman, being a visitor star in the show, makes everybody dread for her character's destiny in Grey's Anatomy. It is not anything out of the box to kill off people in shows when they are not a part of the regular cast so there's no chance of knowing whether the episode will reach a state of perfection or not. Here is to trusting that the title of the episode implies more than simply his death.

Amelia's endeavor to perform a standout amongst the most troublesome surgical techniques there is, fans will see Dr. Miranda Bailey which is played by Chandra Wilso as she tackles a case that includes a pregnant lady who is "near to her heart." Putting a finger on the lady's character, Wet paint asserted that the individual being referred to is improbable a relative of hers, looking in the turmoil that went down in between her and her spouse's sister, Rosalind.

Staring at the End is directed by Mark Jackson and Stacy McKee. The episode will be hitting the television screens on 26th Feb.

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