Finale for Season 3 of 'House of Cards' News and Spoilers: Frank Wants that One Chair in Washington

8:20 PM EDT 3/12/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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Last episode for "House of Cards" season 3 opens with the still alive Rachel.  She is now in New Mexico and trying to have a new life as reported by

Anywhere Rachel runs, she can never escape Doug.  He found Gavin and after beating him, got the information he needs on Rachel.  Now he stalks Rachel and shows how creepy and evil he really is.

When Claire came back to Washington, D.C., she thinks on what to do next while in town.  Meanwhile, Frank gets ready for his big campaign and still hoping that Claire will eventually join him.

Excitement jumps in when Doug makes his move.  He kidnaps Rachel and pleads Doug that she is not going to go back to her old life.  But Doug doesn't listen and he was seen digging a grave for Rachel.  So is this the end for her?

Doug realizes what he has done is wrong and changes his mind so he lets go of Rachel who walks down the highway.  Suddenly, Doug changes his mind again and turns the van around towards Rachel.  Last shot was focused on Rachel in the grave being covered with dirt.  Again, is this the end for her?

In Iowa, Frank wins hands down even without Claire by his side but that means Dunbar is about to give up.  With this, Frank needs Claire to keep the momentum and win in all the states.

Then Frank and Claire is shown at the Oval office and having a confrontation.  Claire tells him she thought that she believed that they would be a perfect White House team but regrets that it has all become nothing but Frank.

The scene closes with Frank telling Claire that the one chair in the office and it will belong to him and she should wait for her turn.  With that, Claire decides to leave Frank.

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