Villains Look for a Way to Change Their Endings in 'Once upon a Time'

9:42 AM EDT 3/31/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Things are once more beginning to twist and turn as new mysteries unfolded in the recent episodes of Once Upon a Time. Though Merrin Dungey's 'Ursula' has left the building in the previous episode, it did not stop Gold, played by Robert Carlyle, and the Queens of Darkness to venture off to find the Author so that the endings of their stories could be changed.

But that's not all as surprising revelations where also made in the episode "Best Laid Plans" one of which involves another well-known villain, Maleficent. We all know her as the bitter, uninvited fairy in the story of Sleeping Beauty however Once Upon a Time places a twist in her story where Mary Margaret, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, and David, played by Josh Dallas, were revealed to have taken away her joy in life - her baby. In another twist, viewers also gets to see who Maleficent's child is - Lily, who was, coincidentally, Emma's childhood friend.

Meanwhile Henry, played by Jared Gilmore, was able to keep the Author's page away from the Queens of Darkness yet he still managed to get himself into trouble. But before he could get himself into another magical mess, Mary Margaret and David managed to swoop in to intervene, But as they sent Henry home, they began to contemplate whether to destroy the page or not - which may lead to unwanted consequences. But even so, Emma, played by Jennifer Morrison, sets the Author free.

Viewers also found out that the Author is not just one person but a job, According to August, there have been several Authors over the years including one named Walt. Hmm, sounds like Walt Disney, right? However, August also tells Emma that she may not get the answers that she desires if the one behind the door is not the one writing her story.

By this alone we could see that the people we saw as good guys have become the villain while the villains may have turned into the good guys. Would this mean Emma is also evil? Find out as Once Upon a Time season 4 airs on April 12 at ABC.

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