Xbox One Now with Energy Saving Option at First-Time Boot

10:43 AM EDT 4/12/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Microsoft is now giving Xbox One users the chance to activate the system's energy-saving mode at its initial console set-up.

On setting up a brand new Xbox One, users will now be prompted with a special screen when booting up the console for the first time which displays an option to choose between "instant-on" and the "energy-saving" power modes. At present, the default option in the US is the "instant-on," which allows automatic updates and content downloads while the console isn't in use. The "instant-on" also revolutionized the way you can control your entertainment with voice commands that allow you to power on the console with the simple voice request: "Xbox on."

The "energy-saving" mode consumes less power and can save players an average of $6 to $15 per year in the US according to Microsoft. This lower power state consumes less energy and can save customers an average of $6 to $15 in energy costs* per year in the U.S. This mode does not provide the added value of background updating.  

The move to offer power choices up front is apparently in response to a March blog post from the National Resources Defense Council that observed: "Although Microsoft reduced the power drain from its "instant-on" mode from 18 watts to 12.5 watts, the mode is still the default when it comes out of the box and the user is not even given the option to disable it during the initial setup."

As for owners of no longer brand new Xbox One consoles, they can make easily changes to their power consumption choice themselves by going to "Power & startup" under "Settings" and marking the appropriate adjustments.

"At Microsoft, sustainability is core to our business practices-we continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services, and we are committed to carbon neutrality as a company," said the Microsoft post. "We hope current and new Xbox fans will take the time to learn about the differences between 'instant-on' and 'energy-saving' settings so that they are empowered to make the choice that best fits their gaming and entertainment lifestyle." 

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