'Agents of SHIELD's' Coulson and Deathlok Secretly Work Together While Deathlok Has yet to Reveal New Tricks up His Sleeve

6:16 AM EDT 4/13/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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As SHIELD is divided into two, thanks to the rift between Agent Gonzales, played by Edward James Olmos, and Director Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, things have gotten rocky for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD lately. Now that Agent May, played by Ming-Na Wen, is currently absent, Coulson finds himself turning for the help of an old ally, Mike Peterson otherwise known as Deathlok while they escape Gonzales' radar and look for Skye, played by Chloe Bennet. Meanwhile, Skye is exploring the depths of her abilities alongside other Inhumans including Lincoln, played by Luke Mitchell, and Jiaying, played by Dichen Lachman, who is actually her estranged mother.

J. August Richards, who plays Deathlok, shares in an interview with Variety that there is more than just the new costume change for his character. He hints that Deathlok has new abilities but presses that they will reveal themselves over time. When asked about drastic changes, he shared, "It's such a work in progress and I can see a scenario where that happens. I was really excited in one episode where Mike was under an x-ray and we got to see that underneath it all he does look a bit like the comic character. We'll see, it's constantly evolving, as you can already see."

However, he did reveal in the interview that Mike and Coulson had been constantly in touch since he left in season one. International Business Times quotes, "Fans will find out that Coulson and Mike have actually been secretly working together since we last saw Mike. I always think about this character's humanity, so I feel like Coulson is someone that Mike doesn't want to disappoint and someone that he really looks up to. I also feel that from the very beginning, he's been looking for redemption and seeing Coulson as a key to that. Coulson can help him be the hero he's always wanted to be for his child."

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