'House of Cards' Season 4 Greenlighted, to Premiere on 2016

6:24 AM EDT 4/13/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Netflix's popular political drama, House of Cards, will be returning for its fourth season and that mean President Frank Underwood is coming back for another term. The show will begin filming within the summer of 2015 and will premiere by 2016 though a definite release date has yet to be announced.

Last we saw President Underwood, he was looking into the prospect of a second term and given that we have a season 4 already, notes that he might have been re-elected by the people. He is portrayed by Golden Globe 2015 Best Actor, Kevin Spacey while his wife, Claire Underwood, is portrayed by Golden Globes 2014 Best Actress, Robin Wright. According to a new report quotes by Christian Post, it is possible that the upcoming season 4 will find itself focused on Doug Stamper, the president's chief of staff, and his decision early on to kill Rachel Posner after her attempted murder of him as well as her rather intimate knowledge of the secrets of the president.

In addition to that Breathcast noted that last season, viewers were also given a glimpse that things were not doing quite well in President Underwood's personal life. In fact, by the end of season 3, his wife was already contemplating on leaving him. Christian Post further adds that a theory pointed out that because of those domestic problems, the power couple may be forced to do something drastic. Will murder part of it? Probably so. In an interview with the show's executive producer, Beau Willimon, he mentioned about Frank's treatment to his wife.  "The scariest thing for us, narratively, was to take the core of this show, its greatest strength -- this unorthodox, unholy union between these two people -- and see it break apart.  It had to be violent, and not just physically, but psychologically. What we're seeing is a rift. It's had 28 years to grow stronger, and through the course of a very short amount of time in the White House, it's come apart."

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