'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Spoilers: A's True Identity, More Ezra and a Liar to Get Married

6:36 AM EDT 4/13/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Pretty Little Liars' season 6 has yet to premier yet everyone is already buzzing on what could happen in the upcoming season. One of those would be A, or rather Charles DiLaurentis' true identity. That includes his sexuality and legitimate claim to being a DiLaurentis with some spoilers saying that he could be a transgender.

Some are speculating that A isn't working alone and that there are other people, a group perhaps, who are terrorizing the girls. Some on the other hand are convinced that Charles is not telling the truth and is not the biological brother of Alison and Jason.

The show's writer, Maya Goldsmith, revealed a few things though it was more of a tease, during her interview with Bustle. Venture Capital Post quotes, "You can never rule anyone out [as an A suspect] because A always has ways of monitoring one situation and being somewhere else, so no, you can never rule anyone out."

In addition to the whole A fiasco, Goldsmith also added that Ezra Fitz, who is portrayed by Ian Harding in the series, will be having a bit of a spotlight in the upcoming season. According to a tweet sent out my Goldsmith in response to a fan's question, "Yep, we got Ezra in our eps:)". In addition to that, the writer also revealed that she was writing two episodes with executive producer, Oliver Goldstick, "Writing 605 and 606 with @olivergoldstick. Both episodes have some wild stuff. We've basically lost our minds:)," WetPaint quotes.

WetPaint also noted that a Liar will be get marry in the upcoming season but there is no mention on who it may be. According to an interview from ET Online, Oliver Goldstick shared, "Will one of them be married? Mmmm.... I'd say yes. And that's the kind of stuff we're going to jump into, and I think that's really exciting," International Business Times quotes.

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