Eva Mendes Breaking up with Ryan Gosling?

10:16 AM EDT 5/1/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Long-time steady live-in partners Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling may be on their way to splitsville if the latest Hollywood rumors are true. "He can be moody, and she's insecure. She sees a text from a mystery number and assumes he's talking to other girls," a source close to the two reportedly told US Weekly. Mendes, 39, now reportedly "shuts down anyone who brings up Ryan. It's clear something is wrong."

Fox News says one source claims that Mendes is not fulfilling 32-year-old Gosling's dreams of marriage and having kids right now. Instead, she has "been arranging trysts with George Augusto, the Peruvian filmmaker she dated from 2002 to 2010 and who is also her business partner in the Vida homewares line." As gathered, "Eva loves Ryan, but she's very nontraditional when it comes to what she wants. She's phobic about commitment. That's the root of the problem." But another source, says Fox News, maintains that it is the other way around. "Ryan and Eva are on the rocks over his refusal to make a solid commitment to her. He's been dragging his feet on proposing. He's obsessed with his career and claims he can't focus on anything else at the moment. Until now she hasn't pressured him, but she's just a few months shy of 40 and told Ryan that if he doesn't want to start a family with her, she wants to find a man who's ready and willing."

Whether it's Mendes or it's Gosling who would initiate the break-up, the fact remains that the two, despite their hectic individual schedules, are totally committed to being good hands-on parents to their baby Esmeralda Amada. Gosling is currently in New Orleans for the filming of The Big Short, a film about the Financial Crisis of 2007-2010 which led to the global housing and credit bubble. Mendes on the other hand, aside from taking care of her own fashion and home care businesses, has also just been named as the new face of Estee Lauder's New Dimension skincare collection. 

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