Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed Being Drunk Before Filming Sex Scene with Chris Pratt [Video]

8:11 PM EST 12/17/2015 by Erika Ivene Columna, Celebeat Reporter

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In the most recent episode of the "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Tuesday, a usually awesome Jennifer Lawrence shared how her first sex scene went. And why she chose to get drunk. Yes, she did.

The "Hunger Games" lead star admitted to the world how awkward for her having sex was, at least in filming it for a scene. In her upcoming movie, "Passengers" that's about to be released in December 2016, an unsure and "scared" Lawrence shot her very first sex scene with hunk Chris Pratt.

Aside from going ultimately blonde for their upcoming sci-fi film, as featured in E! Online, another preparation she needed to get through was to condition herself for a sex scene. It was probably the hardest scene ever for Lawrence to take. To date, this one must be the most awkward sex scenes of all since according to Mirror, Lawrence felt an intense guilt for doing the scene with a real-life married man.

Lawrence shared her say about the incident not knowing when your acting is enough or, "your worst nightmare", too much. Upon being asked if she and Pratt talked about it, Lawrence told Meyers, "You don't. I mean, you can't."

"It's so uncomfortable. I'm not gonna be, 'So, what do you think?' like, either, 'You gonna hump me once? You gonna be on top?'" Lawrence added. "You don't talk about it at all and that makes it so much more uncomfortable."

When asked if she has prepared and "had a glass [of wine]" prior to the shoot, a sarcastic Lawrence confirmed that she drank a bottle of whiskey to keep up with the hammering stress of work and scare of getting into a sex scene. Amidst that, a playful Lawrence said that she still didn't know if what she did on the part was "too little or too much". Meyers then prompting that people have to catch the film in cinemas to know.

Getting comfortable with the talk, or maybe it's the wine, Lawrence revealed to Meyers that "years ago" she planned to ask him out. Luckily the 25-year-old star, who confessed to a wardrobe specialist her romantic goals, was told before she did so that Meyers was then engaged to his wife, Alexi Ashe.

Aside from Meyers, Lawrence shared in the interview that there are other male celebrities who caught her fancy. One of which was Larry David to whom she gave her number but never called her back and who she has "so many sexual and boyfriend, marriage feelings for Larry David. I feel like I'm gonna be sick!"

Lawrence once told Vogue that men never really ask her out. Maybe, that's what got her into doing the other way around. She lacks one thing, though, background check. 

Apparently, she wouldn't even know if David was even married or gay, because according to her, she doesn't ask about these things. Realizing her "romantic delusions", Lawrence laughed off the fact that she was like a "predator" and Meyers her "victim". Now, Lawrence tries to always remember step one before she gets carried away again in a delusion: "Find out if the man has a woman."


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