[WATCH] Channing Tatum 'Run The World' In A 'Lip Sync Battle' Performance As Beyonce, Real Queen B, Appears On The Show

1:41 AM EST 1/11/2016 by Erika Ivene Columna, Celebeat Reporter

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In the latest episode released by Spike for the "Lip Sync Battle," celebrity couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan endlessly awestruck the audience in their heart-stopping and unpredictable performances. To top Dewan's "Magic Mike" performance, Tatum made himself up as Beyonce in a number to later reveal the original Beyonce.

Days may have passed, but last January 7's episode of the "Lip Sync Battle" still causes goosebumps on anyone who watches it. To those who haven't heard yet, a phenomenal performance of "Run the World (Girls)" was made by celebrity hotshot Tatum, who dressed as Beyonce with the appearance of the real one towards the end.

The Rolling Stone shared a brief tell-tale on the "Tatums showdown" in the second season premiere of the "Lip Sync Battle." Prior to this Bey-utiful performance, Tatum has dressed up as Elsa of "Frozen" to lip sync its famous theme song, "Let it Go," and Dewan mimicked her own husband and did an unforgettable version of "Pony," indulging the audience with a steamy hot lap dance with her husband, of course.

The song and dance number commenced with Tatum riding a giant horse effigy and proceeding with the performance after he stepped off his stage prop. Armed with the big blonde hair that was consistently blown away, make-up and costume, plus a perfect Beyonce routine to the song, the battle was clearly leaning on his favor. Everybody knew of his dancing skills, yet still everyone was amazed on how the male Tatum was then pulling off the performance.

But lo and behold, there's more! Towards the end of the interpretation an army of men that surrounds a familiar face enters the stage--this face is of the real and irreplaceable Queen B. Yes, you heard (and probably by this time watched) it right, Beyonce was on the show! The real Queen B added spice to the already terrifying performance, making a pregnant Chrissy Teigen apparently forget that she's carrying a child and bounce ridiculously wild because of excitement and a threatened Dewan slump on the floor nearing faint. While MTV.com says Beyonce "crash" in Channing's performance, Dewan's hopes would be possibly crushed to make up for something to top that.

It's no wonder that this battle between the Tatum lovebirds was picked for the show's premiere for season 2. The new season will surely offer grander and wilder experience than ever.

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