Democratic Flag Bearer Hillary Clinton Reveals Kim Kardashian’s Perfect Selfie; I Want The Selfie Enhancer, Says Ellen Degeneres

10:28 AM EST 1/13/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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US Presidentiable candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on the January 11 episode of the "Ellen Degeneres" show on Monday. One of the many revelations she shared during the show was the fact that she has taken countless selfies throughout the campaign trail, but upon meeting the Kardashian-West couple in her journey she realizes that she needs a lot to learn in taking selfies. Apparently, Ellen wants what skill Kim has in taking selfies.

According to the Democratic front-runner, she had met the couple in Los Angeles in August 2015 as they were attending a fundraising event. They took selfies during the said event. However, none of the photos end up as perfect as the shot she had taken with Hollywood's king and queen of selfies Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, People news emphasized.

Degeneres noted how Kim has a so-called selfie face, which is evident in all of her social media posts. The host then asked Clinton if she had learned to develop a selfie face to which the politician replied, "No".

Despite not learning the selfie trick, Clinton was quick to say that she had learned some other few things like the reality star is indeed a very nice person and that there is a secret to Kardashian's perfect selfies. Clinton then went on to tell a story. When she asked the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star if they can take a selfie, Kanye West's wife immediately pulled out her smartphone then pressed a button that according to her no one has ever seen anywhere except those who had taken a selfie with her.

Cinton had described the phone as having "a ton of tiny lights that go around it." The former US first lady also said that Kardashian's phone can make anyone look better, then adding that she has been in desperate search for one like it but have found nothing. DeGeneres also admitted that she wanted to get the reality actress' selfie enhancer as well.

Meanwhile, Kardashian recently shared a link revealing her selfie secret on Twitter, where she also gave Clinton a shoutout. Clinton also shared during the show how she had never looked better in that amazingly lit selfie she took with the West couple. She just seemed fascinated while she describes how the celebrity had managed to take the perfect selfie every time, Daily Mail reported.

"She hits this button. The light is there. She holds it at a perfect angle and she makes everybody look better than you have any reason to look," she said during the show.

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