NFL National Championship News: Ciara Renders Amazing Interpretation Of National Anthem; Gown, Nudity Uncalled For?

1:21 AM EST 1/14/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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Ciara Princess Harris, more popularly called Ciara, performed the national anthem during the college football national championship game on Monday. While the performance was applauded, her dress, which people say is unfitting for the occasion, has stirred arguments.

Ciara performed the national anthem flawlessly. The crowd liked it, and everybody loved the pop star for it. Even her "Seattle Seahawks" superfan Russell Wilson took to Twitter his compliment to her lady, Autralian News reports.

"I see you baby!! Sounded amazing & looked flawless in every way! @Ciara," he tweeted

However, "Body Party" singer's inappropriate dress caught many individuals' critical eyes, saying her cleavage should not be there. Bonnie Bernstein, VP of Content and Brand Development for Campus Insiders and a former ESPN reporter, tweeted that it is a National Championship games where kids are watching and she should cover up.

After the said tweet, the fans of Ciara started trolling the commentator via the social media avenue. Bernstein then replied, "Truly am amazed at how people take a tweet (that includes a compliment!) & wanna make it about race. Seriously. Grow up. Watch the game."

Reportedly, many did agree with Bernstein's comment to the Grammy winner. Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports commentator, also tweeted that the gown was not called for, as well as the nudity. He praised her voice though.

During the ceremony, Ciara was wearing a floor-length gown complete with a sheer and V-shaped panel at the front.  Many believed it was too revealing for a national event. It was even more revealing than the outfits worn by the college cheerleaders, MTV reported.

Meanwhile, both Alabama Crimson and Clemson Tigers showed the fans what a college football championship is like. The Crimsons took the title home beating the Tigers, 45-40.

Many college football fans considered this game as one that will go down the books and will be remembered for a long time. The Heisman Trophy was awarded to Derrick Henry for his three touchdowns and a score at the 50-yard line.  

He was a one-man show during the game, which put the Tigers ahead for a short time. However, the Crimsons bagged their fourth national crown in front of the 75,765 college football fans.

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