What’s With The Colour? Michelle Obama’s Marigold Dress It Is

9:37 PM EST 1/14/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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Right after the U.S. President's wife appeared in the State of the Union address, she managed to gather a lot of appreciation, optimism and inquisitiveness from the people around her. She looked seamless and was wearing a dress with a very different colour, which made the people exchange their colour opinions.

As reported in The New York Times news, the dress Michelle Obama picked was certainly breaking the traditional dull dark colour norms, and the dress came out to be a hit, almost instantly after the pictures went viral. The dress certainly looked positive and made the lady believe in herself and follow her own style of fashion.

The dress the lady chose surely depicted her positivity, and the glow on her face depicted how intent they felt after being extremely active and efficient in the last seven years of highly successful sartorial politics.

While the night was extremely important carrying out numerous other extremely crucial aspects about the country, the social media took charge to discuss upon the dress the lady managed to carry and what the colour was. As cited in the report in Telegraph news, the dress looked all fine and made the First Lady look extremely comfortable, positive and gorgeous.

The dress was designed by Narciso Rodriguez, who had labelled the dress "marigold." This same colour made another appearance when Jennifer Lopez wore it at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

Now discussions have started on the choice of colours that are all termed under the Marigold collection. They all are indeed hues of yellow, but the yellow of Obama's dress was under the scan by millions, and still the question is unanswered, which yellow is it exactly? 

The dress became trending on Twitter, and the question that emerged was "What is the color of Michelle Obama's dress? Is it yellow, orange, tangerine, mustard, sunflower or saffron?"

It has been observed that Rodriguez has been one of the most opted designers for Mrs. Obama, and she has been wearing his creations since the first campaign. He crafted a great looking red and black dress for the election night, and Obama simply rocked the look. And this one, one again, is different, positive and vibrant and made the first lady look beautiful and flawless.

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