John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Moved In To Their New Luxurious Home Once Owned By Rihanna

5:58 AM EST 1/15/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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The popular singer, along with his wife, is trying to be the best parents. They have moved in the newly purchased sprawling $14.1 million mansion at the Beverly Hills that was once owned by the popular lady performer.

While waiting for the couple's first baby girl, they are all ready to offer her the best of everything. Starting with making her comfortable in this huge mansion, they have already started doing their bit as her parents.

Talking about the mansion, it factually is big enough, covering an area of 8,520 square feet, containing five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, built in three storeys, laden with the most influential and modern amenities.

It has been reported by Daily Mail that the couple are carrying their stuff in big boxes and trunks out of the moving trucks into their new home. Chrissy Teigen also managed a few big cartons inside their new modern home, while John Legend, 37, led a few others inside from a big white truck.

According to the report of the Los Angeles Times, the mansion was supposedly listed for $16 million in Jan. 2015; however, its price dropped to $14.1 million this year. The house indeed looks pretty modern and enriched with the best of everything, starting from being contemporary in the true sense, spacious, ultra luxurious and adorned with great-looking French windows that take residents inside an open-plan huge living room, overlooking a swimming pool.

The netizens are not really sure about the TV screens inside the new house since, according to the listings, there are supposedly nine TV screens inside the mansion; however, Teigen tweeted during the Golden Globes that her evening went without a TV in their new home.

The modern home is not just good to look at, big and comfortable; it also offers a magnificent view of the canyon, right from its first floor, overlooking the swimming pool, beautiful enough to awaken the senses. While the couple have already moved in the new house, so have their pets. The couple's lovely English bulldog Puddy were also spotted exploring his new home around for that matter.

The couple got married in Oct. 2013 and are expecting their first child. The couple are now deciding on a name for their precious little baby girl.

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