Spotted: Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Making Out in France

8:44 AM EST 1/21/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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The intimate pictures of Leo and Rihanna in Paris are being the talk of the town recently. With their gestures and closeness after the awards night, does it mean they are having an affair?

The question largely remains unanswered as the two artists are "Just Friends", says the award-winning actor. According to the report of New York Daily News, it has been over a year ago since the rumor that the ace singer Rihanna, who recently got recognized at the Golden Globe Awards and actor Leonardo DiCaprio are having an affair. However, rumors will remain that way unless confirmed by those involved.

As per The Sun, Rihanna and Leo were spotted partying hard until the wee hours of the morning in the capital city of France. And not only did they party together all night, they were, as they both call it, too "friendly" with each other--so much for them to make out.

According to the source, the kisses they shared were real time "smooches" and not just any other friendly kiss, the people who have observed it surely knows what the difference between a friendly and a romantic kiss is. This is not the first time that the couple was seen making out. In a birthday party in December of 2014, they were also spotted doing this romantic act.

"The Revenant" star got into a relationship with the 25-year-old model Kelly Rohrbach a couple of months ago and they reportedly split up earlier this month. On the other hand, Rihanna was rumored to be in a fling with Lewis Hamilton, the 31-year-old F1 racer.

It seems like Leo would keep letting women come and go in his life until he finds the perfect woman for keeps. For now, he just enjoys the hang of singlehood and going out with various dates. Although they still keep their doors closed for each other, there's really nothing wrong when they eventually become a couple. They both deserve to be happy.

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